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Building strength and increasing flexibility, using correct movement patterns, is critical to good movement generally and in overcoming, or managing injuries.This is why I perform a Functional Movement Screen with clients, as well as a Fitness and Flexibility test, to assess movement patterns and determine a fitness level baseline from which to work. This allows me to provide a tailored fitness program to suit individual requirements.

Being able to function at optimal levels means living your life to the full and sharing every moment with your loved ones without fear of falling, or not being able to get up, to be able to run around with your children and feel playful without the limitations that age can so often bring.

The Movement Journey

Modern life has its benefits – but it has almost certainly wreaked havoc on our ability to move properly – and to enjoy daily activities.

Today we are more sedentary than ever and this is taking its toll on our functional movement patterns and health in general. Many people now have difficulty performing even the most basic of moves such as a squat, or getting up off the floor easily – movements that should be performed almost without thinking as one of our human rights.

As we lose the ability to move correctly so we lose vital joint, muscle and bone qualities, thus entering a vicious circle. Gut Feeling provides specialist movement programs to reintroduce the joy and functionality of pure movement, strengthening the body and helping to prevent diseases such as arthritis and osteoporosis.

Teach your body:

  • Basic life movement skills
  • The joy of fluid motion
  • Postural improvements
  • Movements to increase bone density
  • The ease of joint mobility
  • How to be strong at a basic level

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