The Fast/Feast Program


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The Fast/Feast program provides both a practical and educational insight into the implementation of fasting, which offers a wealth of health benefits.

The program runs on a monthly basis, giving you the opportunity to join other members in your online group who are also experiencing this for the first time.

Implementing fasting into your life can be daunting, however with the help and support provided within this program, most people find that once they have discovered the right way to do it they never look back.

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An online-only one month program helping you to understand and implement intermittent fasting protocols. Each program commences on the first of every month.

The benefits of fasting are multiple and include:

  • weight loss
  • increased metabolism
  • cell regeneration
  • reduced inflammation
  • increased cognition & brain function
  • reduction in menopausal symptoms
  • better sleep
  • clearer skin
  • improved gut health
  • reduced auto-immunity
  • increased libido

The Fast/Feast Program includes comprehensive course materials, private consultations, regular video content, healthy recipes, workouts, lifetime access to Members Only Facebook group plus Q&A opportunities.


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