Are You Addicted To Sugar? Take The Quiz…

Whilst we may be concerned about the amount of actual sugar we eat, many people are unaware of the effect of starchy foods on their blood sugar levels. Carbohydrates break down into the same glucose in the bloodstream as pure sugar – and your body doesn’t know, or care, whether you ate a bowl of […]

Lisa Bailey on 7th April 2019

The Luxury of Choice

I was thinking yesterday, as I walked my dogs in the woods, about how we have the luxury of choice. Just being afforded that simple thing can actually bring us a wealth of joy, happiness and health – or the complete opposite. Taking responsibility for our decisions is incredibly important, as is the understanding that […]

Lisa Bailey on 22nd March 2018

How I Learnt to Love Running…

How many of us really appreciate the joy of movement? I like to think I always have – and particularly so after suffering from a bad back in the past, due to injuring my sacro-iliac joint removing my car battery from the boot of my mini many years ago (B.C. – Before Children). Subsequent pregnancies […]

Lisa Bailey on 9th November 2017
Featured Are You Addicted To Sugar? Take The Quiz…