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Lisa Bailey Staff asked 4 years ago

Members are welcome to post in the group. This is a space for dynamic engagement with other like-minded people. I ask that you respect a few guidelines to keep this community inviting for everyone:

  1. Keep it classy. Some of the topics that come up in this space will spur thoughtful discussion and debate. Disagreement is welcome, but respect for one another is imperative. There is zero tolerance for personal attacks or hateful language. Admins reserve the right to shut down any threads and/or block individuals who engage in personal attacks or otherwise harmful discourse.
  2. Do not use this page for promotions. This is not the place to sell products or services. If you recommend a product or service in direct response to another member’s inquiry, you must clearly disclose any affiliation you have. Use your best judgment here. Posts will be moderated at the discretion of the admins.
  3. This is a community interested in health and fitness, so please bring a genuine interest in the group’s focus. Questions and debate are welcome as long as the goal is to learn and contribute.
  4. The advice given at Lisa Bailey Health is based on the best available scientific evidence. No pseudo-science, please. Again, use your best judgment.
  5. Do not ask other members, or admins, to be your personal physicians. It is fine to ask for help gathering information but not for specific diagnostic and treatment recommendations. Once again, best judgment.

ATTENTION: Before posing a question to the group, please use the search function to see if your question has been asked before! This lets you look for answers right away and helps keep the forum from getting bogged down in repeat questions. I appreciate it!

For sensitive topics—if you don’t feel comfortable posting them, send me a personal message at  and I will either get back to you directly, or do a blog post on it or present it (anonymously) to the group for discussion.

Thank you, everyone. I’m glad you’re here!